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I have two teeth now!!


Madalyn. 6 months.

This photo shoot was more difficult now that she’s sitting up by herself! She was distracted by all the things she could reach. I took over 700 pictures on this one and very few with her 1. smiling or 2. even facing the camera! So my final pick was a toss-up. One of each. (And it was towards the end so the scenery was already everywhere!)

*This was shot completely in manual mode…Yay me! But don’t ask what the settings were. I don’t remember.

Madalyn. 5 months.

I wish I hadn’t cut off her feet (!) but this was still my final pick.

Madalyn. 4 months.

And so I decided to do it every month until her first birthday. And she’s been a good sport. (I think she digs the attention. =))

Madalyn. 3 months.

The littlest darling.

I could not let this cute swimsuit go to waste before she was too big to wear it. Result: Our first photo shoot.